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Tried and tested high-quality machine engineering as well as simple handling and extreme operational ease ensure a stable and low maintenance production process. The following picture illustrates the processing steps of the pellet production:

Pellet Production Overview

Delivery of the waste by trucks (1) and unloading in the hall. Using weighbridges, the amount of waste that has been unloaded will be determined. The waste storage area is closed by gates and ventilated (capacity for approximately a week's production). The waste is roughly presorted, desirable resources (e.g. metals) are sorted out (2).

The waste is transported into a crusher continuously (3, rotary mill).

The material will be sorted out and separated into light and heavy materials (4 and 5).

In the dryer (6), the moisture content of the waste will be reduced. The moisture collected will be treated and cleaned using frequently used methods.


In the mixers (7), exact automatic dosing of the additives (carbon dust, lime, catalysts, filler material) takes place continuously. Due to this procedure, all pollutants are bound in crystalline form in the fuel pellets and the calorific value is hold constant.

The compacting procedure (8 - 10) can be described in brief as follows: Heating, pressing the material with high pressure through the compacting sieve and cutting the compacted material out.

Subsequently, the pellets are cooled in a counter-flow cooler (11).

The fuel pellets storage (12) has a size of approximately half a month's capacity.

In a combined heat and power plant the fuel pellets are converted into electrical and thermal energy, CO² neutral and environmentally friendly.

Due to the crystalline bounding and non-leachability of the pollutants, the combustion ashes can be used in construction projects (production of cement, road-building etc.).

Combustion Procedure

Combustion Procedure

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